The wedding, the decoration, the gown, the music, the menu, the guests,  all boils down in the end as a prelude to the most important part of the entire celebration; the moment that “I do” is exchanged. A person may be the most creative and eloquent in the world, but to be able to write down wedding vows that express all that they want to say is always a challenge. So, here are a few examples to help you write down your vows. But, remember it is your vow, and it should reflect who you are to yourself and your partner. Therefore, add or delete words to customize what you want to say. Here’s to a fulfilling life together!

Wedding Vow

  • I (name) promise to stand by you

Never a step ahead or behind you

I promise to see us through

Whenever you feel sick or cold

I promise to scale the highs

And when it comes to living the sighs

I promise you I will be there

Through thick and thin

We will be close

Till death do us part at last.

I love you and take you to be my lawfully wedded husband/wife.

  • I will cherish and honour you

From today till death parts us

I will never let you down

Share our life together till the last

I love you for who you are

And do not wish to change a part

Through the highs and lows of life

I shall hold you close

And take you as my lawfully wedded husband/wife.

  •   I have dreamt about this day in every possible way in the months gone by. And I had everything figured out; what I will tell you about our life. What I will promise you for the life that we shall build, my vows to you, and promises to be by your side. I stand now in front of you and wish to say this much to you. Words may defy what I feel for you but the feelings I will hold to me and never give you reason to complain of not keeping the vows that we took before this day and I renew them today my love. If there are soul mates, I have found mine. I take you to be my lawfully wedded husband/wife.
  •  I promise you to love and respect you for who you are and who you will become. I shall be there for you through sickness and joys, I shall cherish you and be by you. I promise to support and comfort you whenever the times are rough, and be your best friend who celebrates with you the successes of this life. I take you as my lawfully husband/ wife and look forward to living our youth and growing old together.

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