It is now common place for couples to write their own wedding vows and to try and own them as much as possible – to make them different, special and unique to them.

While the solemn wedding vows where couples declare their love and devotion are de rigueur, you may want to consider injecting some humor as well.

Humorous or funny wedding vows can make a lot of sense particularly for couples who find that a shared sense of humor is a big part of the mutual attraction.

Also funny wedding vows will keep the atmosphere cheery and happy, rather than a tear jerker that so many weddings can be.

Funny wedding vows will also help to remind you not to take life too seriously or let it get you down to remember to laugh at life and keep a sense of humor in all things.

Do remember however that there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to funny wedding vows – a gentle self deprecating humor or a few funny lines integrated into the vows are a good idea, but ribaldry or dirty jokes are out of place in a setting such as a wedding.

Remember, the objective should be to declare feelings of love and commitment and inject this with some humor, not turn it into a standup comic routine.



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