Wedding vows are the promises made by the partners to each other during the ceremony of wedding. When you get married, there are thousands of things that should be kept in mind and arranged flawlessly.

Writing your wedding vows is one of those special task that entails both creativity and passion. But before you start writing them, there are a few technicalities that you need to keep in mind. And that needs to be followed by both you and your spouse.

The main idea behind wedding vows is that you are solemnizing your wedding before all the people who are happy that you are getting married and here are the pointers that should be remembered.

wedding vows etiquetteThings to Remember about Wedding Vows

  • If you are not too confident about what to say, then go the religious way. There are some religious vows that are extensive enough and all you have to do is ask your minister to guide you while you recite them.
  • Do not drag the vows too long as people will tend to get bored. You will have a lifetime to speak your hearts out to each other so keep the vows concise.
  • Respect the people present at your wedding and choose your words carefully. While it is fine to use some endearing words like ‘honey’, ‘my love’, and ‘dear’, it is best to refrain from being too personal. You can express your love and passion when there is no audience. For now the vows can be simple and warm.
  • Include your or your spouse’s kids in your vows. Mention them so that they also feel part of your wedding. It is not just the two of you when you get married. You will have a family and all these people are part of it.
  • While reciting your vows remember not to mention any of the fights or altercations that you have had in the past. There is no need for the world to know how you fought and then made up. This is something too personal and definitely not pleasant. The mention of such incidents during occasions as joyous and as formal as weddings will make people feel awkward.
  • When your spouse is reciting the vows show interest. Even if you find it funny or uninteresting, you need to act touched and impressed. Maybe that is the best he/she could do. Do not look in any other direction than at your spouse and yawning is a big no-no. Your literary skills may be sky high but maybe your spouse believes in action more than words and with time you will realize that.

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