The wedding vows are a complete fuss for 90% of the brides and grooms to be. If girls are a bit creative and find it easier to write the stuff, the boys usually panic and spend a lot of time on the matter.

If you want your wedding vows to be unique but the writing muse is late to land on your shoulder here are a few steps to help you on the way.

wedding vows 1

Keep an open mind on expressing exactly what you feel but make sure the minister holding your ceremony agrees with the tone of your message.

Focus on introducing facts and build the text around them. Stick to the essential and let the words express the right message you have for your loved one.

wedding vows 2

Keep in mind that you will share these vows with an audience that will hang on your every word so feel free to not keep them listening for too long.

If you like a bit of drama, and you would like to see the eyes of your loved one shine, get inspiration from a love poem you both like or from a movie you both enjoyed.

wedding vows 3

“You complete me” might be a bit corny but you would be surprised how much meaning it makes in such occasions.



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