There is a constant fear haunting the couple about to be married, as wedding vows are concerned, especially because the legend about how hard it is to write them is something as natural as the throwing of the bridal bouquet or the infamous bachelor party.

The romantic movies most girls see and get inspired from when imagining how will their wedding look like, present anxious brides writing romantic vows and stressed grooms unable to find the right words to express the feelings they have.

The tradition states that the wedding vows need to be original, personalized, fitting the couple’s history together, wrote with romantic words, completely honest and filled with the most beautiful feelings the two soon to be wed have for each other.

All fine so far but apparently not so easy to do because who really had the time of their life writing about their feelings?

Statistically, brides find it easier to express the way they feel and write the wonderful words of commitment they are secretly longing to hear from their dear ones. The statistic also says that for the grooms this is the part that requires a lot of nerves and a lot of pressure.

In the age of the great World Wide Web, things turn to be a bit different because inspiration is practically a Google search away. The so many options a future couple may have are customized for any type of religious belief, social status or culture orientation.

Still if a bride and groom don’t want to be part of the crowd when it comes to speaking the words that will describe their commitment and love for each other, there are plenty of options to stay original and be inspired.

A good strategy of getting the right words come to you is focusing on your purpose of being one with the one you love. Talk about the steps that brought you two to this point and express your faith in your future together.

You can put it inside your vows reminders of your best times, your common hardships you have surpassed together, the feeling of belonging to each other and of course do not forget to express your never ending love.

It is true that beautiful words are not something anybody can pull out of their hats, but reading a romantic passage from a book you loved, or seeing a good romantic movie before picking up a pen will for sure serve as inspirations.

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