The wedding day is the most special day for anyone in the world. It is the day when you begin a new journey in life with the one you love. Moreover it is also the day when you have to make promises and make vows for your partner. While a lot of people borrow vows from others or pick them up from the internet, it is a good idea to write them on your own so as to really mean what you say. The following are some of the best tips and suggestions to write your own wedding vows.

tips to write your own wedding vows

1. Read Some Wedding Vows for Inspiration

It is a great idea to read a few wedding vows before writing your own for some inspiration. Vows are easily available online and you can go through a few and see what really strikes a chord with you.

2. Identify What Tone you Want to Write and Say your Vow in

While some like it funny, others may want to be poetic with their vows. You need to decide and pick what kind of tone would you like to write your vows in. This decision also has to do a lot with what your fiancé would prefer or like.  Infact if you are writing your vows separately, you can discuss the tone with your fiancé so that both of you are on the same page.

3. Think about your Fiancé and the Feelings you have for Him/Her

One of best ways to come up with good wedding vows is to keep your fiancé in mind at the time of writing. Think of all the good things you feel about him/her and try to gather all your emotions. This will help you pour out your heart from them and come up with something which you truly feel.

4. Start Writing

If you keep thinking of it in your mind and do not jot it down, things won’t start taking shape. This is why it is important to write what you feel and prepare a few rough drafts. Once you have a few rough drafts, then you can polish them up and come down to the final version.

5. Avoid Clichés

Avoid saying what people would expect you to say or things which sound clichéd. Try to be real, unique and true to what you really want to tell your partner on the day of the wedding.


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