One of the most anticipated parts of a wedding is the exchange of vows. It is the moment when the bride and groom express their undying love and devotion to each other.

Most of these vows are custom made while some couples prefer hiring somebody to write for them.

There is nothing more special than writing your own vows. They may not be perfectly written but at least they come straight from your heart.

Here are the benefits of writing your own wedding vows:

1. More romantic

Your vows must reflect exactly what you feel for each other which is why you should write them yourselves. You may express them in simple words that are enough to let your partner and the witnesses to know exactly what you feel.

2. Unique

Many couples prefer reciting the same vows just like other couples because they don’t want to make their own. Make your vows unique by writing your own instead of copying them.

3. Doesn’t cost a cent

People may charge you for writing your wedding vows. Avoid spending money especially if you are capable of writing vows yourselves.

Wedding vows don’t need to be extravagant. What is important is that they come straight from your heart and based on honesty and love.



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