wedding vowsWedding day is the best day of your life. Preparing the ceremony of your dream wedding isn’t an easy issue and often we get nervous just right before the biggest day.

In case you are the bride to be, think what is most important on your wedding day.

Surely one of the most important things are the vows. Exchanging vows is always the sweetest part of the ceremony, but often it takes a lot of time to write the best vow.

Think about the traditional vows at any wedding and add something from yourself. Mix culture, tradition and personal emotions in your vow. Don’t get too stressed in organizing your wedding.

Experts advise that when you feel confused, think more about the symbol of your love than the whole ceremony and wedding organization.

One of the issues of the most weddings is the culture and the traditions. You are going to be surrounded by different families, each of them having their customs. Follow the traditions, but add your own and express the power of your love with your personal views and personal way to put them into words.

Be sure the result will be …a perfectly original vow.



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