Tired of the tried-and-true traditional wedding vows? Want something that reflects the creativity and fun of the couple? Who says wedding has to be a serious occasion!

Funny wedding vows are a great option for couples who want to add an element of humor to their wedding. There are some advantages to write their own funny wedding vows. If you are humorous and light-hearted couple well-known for quick wit, why hide it?

funny wedding vowsSerious and somber wedding occasion can not give you the chance to convey who you actually are. You have all rights to make your wedding day as you want. Humorous wedding day can leave beautiful memories that you cherish for several years.

Writing your own funny wedding vows can be cheerful signal of love to your partner on your wedding day.

This twist on conventional wedding vows will leave your guests chuckling and it will remain as a wedding ceremony that everyone will talk about for several days.

How to use funny wedding vows?

Before getting started to write a wedding vow, ensure that your vows are suitable for the whole setting. Some religions do not allow any abnormality from their approved wedding ceremony vows; so check out with your officiant prior to writing your own vow.

If there is restriction on usage of funny wedding vows, you can incorporate humor into the wedding toasts. All the humorous wedding vows should fall under the ‘G’ rating. Don’t upset your guests, family members or your spouse.

Don’t include about old fights that you both have had and about something sexually related. Also, don’t write anything that is considered as inside joke between two of you that need lengthy explanation.

Funny wedding vows often oppose each of you, so don’t keep the vows as secret. Share the vows and correct them as you need. Begin writing your own vows about a month before the ceremony and approve them by ceremony official.

How to write funny wedding vows?

  • First, start thinking about the common areas that you both have and also the areas that differ.
  • Another way to write the vow is to think about hobbies and personality quirks that your guests are familiar with.
  • Think about other things like – are there any favorite jokes for both of you and what makes you laugh?
  • Include any situation or phrases that come in your mind and you want to share with your guests.
  • If there are any humorous movies and books that you both like, then consider including a quote from any of these in a witty manner.
  • Search online for any thoughts that help in your writing process.


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