wedding vowsSome of us have been to weddings where instead of crying, you find fun because the vows are so sweet, you are in stitches, laughing out loud.

Actually you do cry, only out of laughter. Some want to include humor in their weddings.

There is nothing wrong with humor at a wedding. Well it is definitely not a funeral and everyone is happy anyway.

Your wedding will be the talk of among family and friends even after your first child is fifteen years old.

Well, even humor is found in traditional weddings. Some people are good in expressing their feelings through humor and not otherwise.

Sometimes you know your partner will understand you better if you put humor in your vows. Usually funny vows come from the groom. Brides usually get emotional and say what comes from the heart.

It is puzzling and you would think they are not taking this commitment seriously. But different people have different ways to express their feelings.

I would say funny vows to keep from crying so my mascara won’t run down my face. However, you should be able to know the appropriate time to say your funny vows and when not to.

Some religions may not approve and view it as being disrespectful of the commitment that you are about to make. Some religions may have standard vows that they want you to read out and don’t want you to deviate from here.

Funny wedding vows can also create tension between you and your future partner. You might highlight some sensitive issues that may mock him and the general atmosphere.

Don’t overdo it. You are no longer telling your partner what’s coming from the heart but entertaining wedding guests. You might get the chuckles from your guests but your bride or groom will just see your supposed commitment as a joke.

Funny vows or not, they should just portray the love you have for your partner, your willingness to stay with him for the rest of your life.

Also remember that no matter how you put across the vows to your partner, it should have that promise. It should reflect the level of seriousness that you are embarking on.

If you want to include a bit of humor in your vows just think of what the two of you have in common.For example if you both love football, you can say ‘I will always be there to comfort you as you comfort me when the team fails to score.’

Think of a hilarious moment that you once shared and say something that will immediately highlight the moment. Well, hope you will have fun in every part of your traditional wedding. It does not have to be a dull moment because it’s traditional.



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