weddingIf you aren’t faithful to one particular religion you may be putting a lot of thought and consideration into who is going to officiate your wedding.

There are many different people who can legally officiate a wedding ceremony.

Depending upon which state you are currently residing and going to get married in you could have a Judge perform the wedding ceremony.

There are also many different web sites available online in which people can get ‘ordained’ to perform wedding ceremonies.

At the end of the program or software download these people are given a certificate or license which verifies they are indeed eligible to officiate a wedding ceremony.

Many times if you are not drawn to one particular religion and your fiancé is not either, and if there is someone special in your life this is a good opportunity to get that person involved in your wedding in a very personal way.

Have the person search for online officiate certification. At this point they can determine if this is a program for them. There have been many cases around the United States where a brother or step-parent of the couple has proceeded in this direction and married the couple.



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