The wedding day is an auspicious day in the lives of two people who agree to celebrate their union in the most wonderful—not necessarily extravagant—manner possible. Now, the mode of celebrations differs, but the meaning is the same and that is to send out a happy message to everyone. Some prefer theme-based cakes, while some prefer DIY decorations; but many times food becomes the main highlight of the celebrations.People wanting to come out with the most suitable and, of course, delicious food choices for the wedding often go for the emerging or popular food trends across the globe. However, this entire task of selection and implementation needs thorough assessment, and therefore, to help you in making the right choice, we have round up five wedding food trends:

Five wedding food trends for your big day

1. Brunch weddings

Evening weddings are expensive, and most of the expenses are incurred on the food—evening time is dinner time, and you cannot possibly brush away your guests with snacks and a couple of drinks. While evening weddings are great, they may not be really gracious towards your finances, and therefore, and in conformity with the latest trend, go for brunch weddings.

Brunch weddings are essentially daytime weddings and are relatively affordable. The food items do not cost more than you can afford and ensure that you are able to channelize your money towards other aspects of thewedding like décor.

2. Customized Drink Bars

Well, well, everyone of us has a distinct taste, especially in drinks. Whenever we attend parties, we end up getting a little disappointment over the lack of choices in terms of pints, cocktails, and others. Now, wedding planning has brought in some changes, and you may stumble upon one such wedding where you are free to customize your own pint or DIY cocktails.

3. Drip Cakes

What is the only other major highlight of a wedding apart from the couples?—cake. A cake is an indispensable part of a wedding, especially the ones in the western world. While there are many wedding-themed cakes, for example, the ones with flowers and ribbon and colorful patterns on it, but, lately and quite popularly, drip cakes have got attention.

Drip cakes are the ones with chocolates or other cream melting down the sides, giving them an impression that the bakers have just finished baking them. The effect—the melting effect that is—gives a dramatic aura to the whole design and adds class to the wedding.

4. Taco bars

Taco bars are becoming increasingly popular in daytime weddings. What do they offer? Well, they offer the freedom—the so wanted freedom indeed—to guests to personalize tacos as per their tastes and requirements, and relieve you of the stress about the want of choices. Thus, we get to enjoy twin advantages, without shelling a fortune.

5. Personalized cocktail

The latest wedding food trends show the likeness towards customized cocktails. The customization generally involves thepairing of food and drink such as Oysters with Champagne or sliders with beers. It is an excellent solution to the most common confusion—what to drink with this?


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