Why would anyone be thinking about wedding flutes? Don’t forget that they play an important role in the wedding because these glasses are going to be used during the most important toasts. This is why people want to ensure that these glasses are special.

Going modern with the wedding flutes

There are a lot of different shapes and forms that the modern glasses have. You could have some that are in between the martini glass and the traditional flutes for weddings. On the other hand there could also be some that have geometric designs and that lean to the side. In order to be sure that the glasses are special, you could also be looking for the twisted or zigzag shapes.

Wedding FlutesRegarding the glasses of the bride and the groom, there are some designs that look to be one single glass, but in fact there are two so that they can be used for toasting.

The classic look of the flutes for weddings

In case you opt for the classic look, you can be sure that there is no way for you to go wrong. Another good thing about these glasses is that they add an elegant touch to the wedding. Nonetheless in case you would like to have something more special, then you could choose those flutes for the weddings that have a silver or gold trim at the rim.

If you are going to have glasses of this kind, you should be thinking about the length of the stem, the weight and the length of the flute.

Personal touch

It might be a good idea to add a personal touch to the wedding flutes so that they could be offered as wedding favors. This can be done through adding the name of the occasion, the name of the couple, and maybe the date. You could simply add a ‘thank you’ to the glasses or a short and nice quote.

Color it

The majority of the weddings have a color scheme, and you could make the flutes for the wedding a part of this color scheme. You could be ordering special glasses in different colors, such as blue, green, yellow or even pink. This could help you to create the right atmosphere for the wedding. As an example, in case you opt for the darker colors, you could make the look of the tables more romantic. For this look, keep an eye out for wedding flutes in the color of burgundy.


Although the glasses look festive enough on their own as well, you could also decorate them a bit. You have the option to add bows, flowers, bells, leaves, pearls or charms. You can find some flutes for the wedding that are already decorated or you could get the decorations on your own from just any crafts store.

As you can see, there is a lot to be done regarding wedding flutes and there are many different effects that you can achieve with their help and also with a bit of creativity.



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