There are a lot of things that could inspire people when it comes to the wedding essentials and you could be one of those persons who really like the Oscars. So what does this tell you, what do you need this year?

The color theme as one of the wedding essentials

There are some colors that you might consider essential for a wedding such as green and orange, but it looks like there is nothing that could beat the lavender color. This is a kind of bright blue, and it looks just ethereal. The effects could be enhanced in case you add a bit of moss green and gold. Naturally you have to make sure that you don’t add to many colors, because in the end the essentials for the wedding will be looking like an Easter egg.

Wedding EssentialsIn style

In the previous season the strapless dress has been essential, but in this season it is a must to go for the cap sleeves. It looks like retro is the new modern, because this style is all over the red carpet and it could have been seen worn by Melissa Leo and Michelle Williams.

Don’t forget the hair

In case of the essentials for a wedding it is very important to think about the hairstyles. This season you should really be considering the updos of the 60s and the wavy bobs. In case you are looking for some inspiration, check out the hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston or Scarlet Johansson.

On the other hand, if you think of the retro hairstyles as one of the wedding essentials, then you should most definitely take a look at the bleached bouffant of Kelly Osborne, the long fall of Reese Witherspoon or the twiggy crop of Michelle Williams.

It’s all about the accessories

Although a lot of people might think that it is one of the essentials for a wedding to have chandelier or dangly earrings, you should know that this season the posts are the hottest trend. This is the style that the stars have been rocking on the red carpet this year, and so you should also opt for this chic style.

How about the ceremony?

Until now we only mentioned what the people need for the wedding, but there are the wedding essentials that are strictly related to the event. Naturally there are some things that every wedding needs, including a pillow for the rings, flower baskets, guest books, candles, and so on.

There is a lot to think about, and you can be sure that no matter how nice the design is of the items that you choose, people won’t get surprised to see these elements, because they are known to be essential for a wedding.

Nonetheless in case you manage to get a bit more creative, you could surprise the guests. As an example, nobody would have thought that you will replace the regular toilet paper with paper that has a bride and a groom on it as one of the wedding essentials.



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