emergency kitWedding day jitters are common among the brides. You start worrying about a lot of things that you may have forgotten to do.

Maybe there is something that suddenly falls out of place and you have no means of fixing it because you were not prepared for any mishaps.

Well, worry no more; there is the emergency kit that has been put together for your wedding today.

Tissues are a part of the wedding emergency kit. You may experience emotional moments, like during the wedding vows or when your father hands you over to your new husband. Tissue helps in keeping the mascara from running down your face.

You will also find straws in the kit. These are there to keep you from spoiling your lipstick as you drink your beverages. Besides, it’s not a pretty sight to see a lipstick stain on the glass that you have just sipped in.

You will definitely find some breath mints. These are very important if you are going to feel confident and enjoy your special ’kiss the bride’ moment. They are also essential after lunch. The food that you eat may contain substances that trigger foul breath.

Carry the bride’s best perfume. When it’s very hot, you are going to be sweating a lot. Reduce the chances of a bad odor coming from the bride after heavy sweating. Some people sweat more when they are nervous, like on their wedding day.

An extra pair of earrings in case the original ones are lost is also essential in the emergency kit. Hand lotion lubricates dry hands and eliminates sweaty hands.

A mirror, hair spray, brush and hair pins are essential for touch ups and putting things in place. Be prepared for anything, including a button falling out. Carry small accessories such as extra buttons.

The emergency kit is also inclusive of spot removals. You can’t afford to wear an all white dress but with a red spot, caused by just a drop of red wine. Baby wipes, are used in wiping off sweat and control oily skin.

Keep all phone numbers of family, friends, co workers, the wedding planner and so forth. They may come in handy at one point. Tampons are an absolute necessity and should be in the emergency kit. Sanitary pads are a substitute to tampons so either of the two or both are part of the kit.

Extra stockings and nail polish are also an important part of the emergency kit.



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