Nobody said that a wedding has to very expensive; you might find some wedding decorations on a budget. Also you don’t have to think that these are very complicated; in the majority of the cases, they are quite simple to create.

1. Flowers as wedding decorations on a budget

Brides don’t really need expensive flowers brought from abroad. It is better to opt for the blooms that are in season and that are offered by local marketers so that you won’t have to pay the transportation fees either. Also you have the possibility to grow your own flowers or go for wild flowers. Another option that you have for cheap wedding decorations is to be using flower petals made of silk.

Wedding Decorations On a Budget2. Candles

These items add a romantic touch to just any event, and the best thing about them is that they are really inexpensive. You could surround the centerpieces with such cheap wedding decorations including votive candles or tea lights.

3. Light

In order to make sure that your wedding will have some color, you could change the light bulbs according to the theme of the wedding. In case you are looking for cheap wedding decorations, you could ask your friends and family to borrow their fairy lights.

In order to spice the dance floor up, you could look for a disco ball or some simple disco lights.

4. Food

While a lot of people don’t think about this when considering wedding decorations on a budget, fruits can be used too. You could create a colorful centerpiece with their help. You could also fill bowls with mints or candy and use them as decoration.

5. Cake

This isn’t a really inexpensive part of the wedding, but since you must have it anyway, it becomes a cheap wedding decoration if you use it for such purposes. Instead of hiding it, set it up on a table and so it will become the focal point of the wedding.

6. Slideshows

In case you have a wall that is just begging for some decorations, and you can only consider wedding decorations on a budget, think about this: borrow a projector and create a slideshow to be showing during the entire event. This slideshow could be made of photos of the couple, clip art, or other images that are suitable for the event.

7. Go natural

When you are looking for cheap wedding decorations, you should think about all the things that nature has to offer. If you are getting married during the fall, you should allow the colorful leaves and the flowers of fall take the scene. You could place the leaves on the tables and create centerpieces of the flowers.

8. Balloons

In case you know how to do it, balloons can become a great way to decorate the setting, not to mention that they are inexpensive too. You could have wedding decorations on a budget made of balloons, such as an archway, have a balloon drop, elevated centerpieces or anything else you can think of.



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