In case you are invited to a wedding, one of the issues remains the wedding cards. Choosing what to write in those cards isn’t that easy and in fact many are wondering whether they should write something at all or simply leave the typical wedding congrats.

If you know the couple well, be sure they will read what you wrote on the wedding card. Avoid the wedding clichés and try to sound natural. One of the best decisions is to write them that you knew from the moment they fell first in love they were perfect for each other. This always brings up sweet feeling, so you will know you made them happy.

Another good tip is to put a piece of poetry that you know they both will like. If the couple has their favorite book, you can put a quote from it on your wedding card.

In case you don’t know so well the couple, then simply go for the typical congrats, because otherwise you may sound a bit false.

There are many wedding cards, which are suitable for occasions like this, but the personal style always shows good taste.
Write your wedding cards with ink, because it will make a good impression. Don’t forget to thank them, for they made you part of their happiness during their special day.



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