What could be more special and exciting than getting married? For couples planning to get married or have the dream of getting married, it is always a dream come true when they see themselves standing in front of the altar exchanging vows[wedding vows] with their partner.

Wedding ceremonies can be long and stressful. Besides the ceremony itself, you have the wedding reception to deal with. However you see it, it is nice to know what to expect during this time.

Here’s the most common order of service in traditional wedding ceremonies:

Wedding procession

Wedding procession is most anticipated especially when it is the bride’s turn to march to the altar.

Everyone anticipates of this moment since it is the time the bride marches towards the altar while her groom waits for her to take her hands.

Wedding readings from the bible

In wedding ceremonies there are several choices in which you can incorporate to have a nice and heart warming readings by choosing whether to get from a bible, novels and literatures or love poetry wedding readings. In wedding ceremonies, the traditional reading is normally taken from bible verses.

Signing of marriage license by witnesses

Finalizing a plan to get married is a good factor in getting started. Do not get stressed on the entire various steps in doing, instead, concentrate on getting a marriage license.

Marriage license will determine whether you can proceed with the ceremony or not. By signing this, they are acknowledging that on that day, you were married.

Exchange of wedding vows

Wedding ceremonies include wedding vows. They are those special words you will tell or deliver to your partner as a sign of your unending love and commitment to each other.

It can be either said the traditional way, or for those who want something different and are more romantic couples, they make their own vows to be said during the ceremony.

Wearing of wedding rings

The ring symbolizes commitment to the marriage. In wedding ceremonies, it also represents completion and wholeness of love. Its circle shape indicates the endless love they have in the marriage.

During the exchange of rings[wedding rings], their vows can be said simultaneously as they try to utter their hopes and dreams for their marriage.

Blessing in wedding ceremonies

Blessing is given after the vows are said, and an official commitment as a couple to serve their community and to live happy and respectful of each other.

First kiss

After the announcement of their marriage, the traditional first kiss as a wedded couple is also anticipated. It seals their promise of love for each other.


Recessional is the exit of the entourage from the church and proceeds to other activities such as the reception.

Wedding ceremonies vary depending on your culture as well as religion. In various stages, couples opt to do wedding ceremonies outside the church and are presided by a family member or a trusted person.

However, religious sects do not agree with these kind of wedding ceremonies as it contradicts the solemnity and importance of proper blessing.



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