The long expected wedding day turns out many times to be a very stressful event and the prey of this stress is nobody else’s but the bride’s.

The large quantity of advice she receives, the large number of opinions she come against and of course the pressure of an imminent change in her destiny can sometimes make her forget that the event about to happen is actually one of if not the most happy moment of her life.

Here is some advice to go through the journey of being the bride with the smile on your face.

How to not be swept off your feet?

Keep in mind that your way of seeing things is exactly the way you want things to be. Still, you should know that you are a super girl but not an invincible one so do not get hung up on the details.

wedding day 1

The flowers can be picked from a catalogue, the cake tasting can be done at your house and the wedding dress can be picked while hanging with your friends.

If you want to pick the china, the snacks, the favors, make a schedule and do not stress about them. Time management in a wedding is like time management in a relationship – sweeter with a smile on your face.

How to stay calm?

Consider approaching some strategy and not becoming a control freak bride. If you think you can go everywhere and do everything it means you are not human. So keep in mind that you will be smart to focus on the immediate important and delegate the rest.

wedding day 2

You should consider a spiritual relaxation therapy that would not only calm your nerves but will also help you be an even more beautiful bride.

How to shine in the big day?

A calm bride is a smiling bride and also a shining beautiful bride. Keep in mind that you were brought here by the love and consideration you have for your future husband.

wedding day 3

You should know that the love you feel will be the thing that will make you shine. Leave the worries behind and focus on your feelings. Your dear ones will be there to share your joy so remember of all the reasons for which they want to be there.

All the above considered, a bride should know that no matter if she stresses or not about the whole event her wedding will have a special place in her heart and that place will be the one holding her dearest memories.



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