The manner in which a same sex marriage has to be organized or planned may be a little different from other weddings.  The etiquette, the decorations, the food and even the cake are all different from traditional heterosexual weddings and for anyone who is in charge of the planning, there are many little things to take care of and consider during the process. The following is a list of some useful tips and suggestions to plan a same sex wedding.

Tips to plan same sex weddings

The Cake

Depending upon the gender of the couple who are getting married, the cake must be planned carefully. Unlike heterosexual weddings where the cake has bride and groom figures sitting on top, the cake in a homosexual wedding must have two figures of the same sex.  If a lesbian couple is getting married, then it is a good idea to choose a pink cake or any colour that they both like whereas for a male gay couple, blue or another colour can be chosen. The cake can also have a funny edge associated to it.

How the Couple Makes Entry

The entry in a gay wedding has to be different from heterosexual weddings and it is up to you to plan what to do with it. You can either have the couple enter together or one after the other but in creative ways.

The Music

Most wedding songs and music are centered around a boy and a girl and hence before choosing the music for the wedding, you must carefully go through the lyrics of each of the songs to ensure nothing inappropriate is included. Try to find neutral songs where there is no specific reference to a boy/girl bond.

Wedding Clothes

Planning a gay wedding also involves deciding on what the bride-bride or groom-groom will be wearing. The clothes can either be exactly same or different with a few things in common. This decision must be made along with the couple getting married so as to respect what they would want.


In a lot of cultures, there are different ceremonies followed for the bride and the groom and hence while planning a gay wedding, it is important to choose ceremonies depending upon the gender of the couple. The ring ceremony could remain as it is where both the partners can make their husband/wife wear a ring.


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