A large wedding is a difficult affair to organize, handle and run. It takes months of planning, shopping, organizing a wedding which is large scale but even then a few things may go wrong here and there. But with proper advanced strategies and task distribution, even a large wedding can be made into a smooth affair without any glitches. To simplify the process and make it worth your while, you can follow some of the following given tips on organizing a large wedding:

tips on organizing a large weddingDraw up Checklists

The first step of the process is to come up with all the checklists. You must include each big and small detail, item and booking that has to be done so that no room for error is left. You must make lists for shopping, lists for bookings, guest lists, important phone numbers, things to be picked up, things to be included in the functions and others. Only with proper checklists can you properly plan a wedding and manage it well.

Decide on a Budget

The larger the wedding, the more will be the amount spent. Thus, you must decide on a budget and allocate different things different budget divisions. For example, you must separately decide on the budget for shopping, for venue booking, for food and for other things. With a fixed budget in mind, it will be easier for you to spend and make other decisions.

Plan the Guest List

This can be a challenging task as often it may be difficult to decide who to include and who to leave out. But it is important for you to do so wisely and avoid leaving out certain people who are definitely important. You can divide this task by making list for the bride’s side, for the groom’s side and the common friends.

Choosing the Venue

For a large wedding, you must choose a suitable venue that can house the number of people you are inviting. The venue must not become too congested on the big day and must have room left for people to breathe and freely move around. A crowded wedding can take away the quality and style and may make it a big flop so choose the venue carefully.


When booking the caterer, keep in mind that you give a correct estimate of the number of guests so that the caterer comes prepared with sufficient ingredients and food.


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