A guest is a person who is specially requested to attend any social event. This event can be a wedding, birthday party, or any other traditional functions. The guests are treated according to the tradition and culture of the varied countries. But generally, the main aphorism is the same. For example, in India, the guest is the one who is treated like god “Athithi Devo Bhava”.

Guests will certainly be enthusiastic about ceremonial occurrences. If it’s wedding, then the dress of the bride and wedding cake may be decided based on the type of the guests expected.  Make the guests feel comfortable and let them enjoy the occasion is quite essential. Here are some guidelines that you can follow to make your guests happy.

Tips to Make Your Guests Happy!

Gap between Ceremonies:

Time of the event really matters. Work with your family, friends and much with your event planner for a thriving time for the event. If it’s the wedding occasion then the timeline between the wedding and reception matters much. If the gap between the wedding and reception is more, then many of them feel turn off. The most excellent time for any occasion can be on weekends so that all of them can attend it and enjoy freely.

Offer transportation:

While attending any ceremony, many people may have the difficulty of transportation. By offering to ship you may reduce their efforts. The facility of the shipping provided by you should make them feel happy. See that the guests must enjoy the trip.

Facilitate the accommodation:

There may be guests coming in from far-away places. The realistic accommodation will help them enjoy the event with delight. Don’t force anyone for anything. Don’t adjust all the guests in one place or one room. The accommodation should be good and clean with a good facility.

Present comfy zone:

Make sure that the guests are comfortable. If they start complaining, then you may have to shift focus from important things pertaining to your wedding.

Welcome the guests:

Welcome the guests with much admiration and deep value. The idea for welcoming them can be a welcome bag. In that welcome bag, you may place an item useful for them in the ceremony.

Delicious food matters:

The foodstuff which you provide must be very tasty. No negotiation with the taste! As we know the guest may the little ones also. Thus, the arrangements which we assemble should make children happy. Guest should remember the food and miss the taste. The sufficient food should be arranged and complied with the no. of guests.  The best time for dinner is to be followed. Make sure that all the guests should complete the dinner on perfect time.

Serve the snacks depending on the season and type of item. Make sure regarding the snack which is to be served hot should be served accordingly.

Regular refreshments:

Provide regular refreshing soft drinks to the guests before food and also after food. This may quench their thirst. The refreshment servings should be of good taste.

Enjoy the time with the near and dear ones.  Don’t forget to say bye to your loved ones with a take-home treat.


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