You’re planning the biggest day of your life to date. You want to look a million dollars but you’re worried about your weight. Fear not, here’s how you can slim down for your big day and beyond.

Keep tabs on your diet
Keep a food diary, logging everything you eat. Hidden calories add up and by tracking your food intake you might just work out where you’re going wrong.

Super size servings are a major cause of weight gain so start small and only take more if you’re still hungry. It’s better to eat four or five moderate sized meals than three monstrous ones.

If you must snack, choose nutrient-rich foods that will keep you satisfied. Try substituting – you’ll experience minimal pain but maximum gain – choose low fat cheese over butter in your sandwiches and ditch mayo for a Balsamic vinegar and yoghurt salad dressing.

Eat breakfast
The most important meal of the day revs up your metabolism. You’ll lose weight because your appetite will be satisfied and you’ll be less likely to load up on calorific snacks during the day.

Go for H₂0
Studies have shown that drinking water throughout the day, particularly before meals, leads to greater weight loss – you’ll fill yourself up and ward off urges to overeat. You’ll also be ridding your body of toxins and will look and feel better before your big day.

Lose the booze
One drink can cost you 150 calories or more so it’s time to go easy. Save the cocktails for special occasions, choosing diet-friendly drinks such as slimline tonic or spritzers or alternating boozy beverages with non-alcoholic alternatives.

Consider a top weight loss solution, such as the clinically proven XLS Medical fat binder, which helps you to lose up to three times more weight than dieting alone. It not only releases fat-soluble vitamins into the body but binds up to 27 per cent of dietary fats which are excreted later.

While we wouldn’t recommend using some supplements and binders, XLS’ range are made from natural materials and are gentle on your body. Just read the XLS Medical reviews – they speak for themselves.

Get in those Zs
Fact: sleeping more can help weight loss. Aim for at least eight hours a night and you’ll be producing optimal levels of the hormones leptin and ghrelin which regulate appetite and weight.

Get moving
Exercise should be priority and is just as important as eating healthily. Twenty minutes a day will boost your energy levels and kick start calorie burning. If you’re struggling to find the impetus, rope in your other half and run or hit the gym together – you’ll feel fitter, pumped with endorphins and less worked up about the wedding.

Know your goals
You’ll be more likely to lose and keep the weight off if you set yourself realistic goals. Thinking wistfully that you want to drop from a size 18 to a size 6 isn’t going to happen, so start small and build up gradually, remembering to keep sight of your goals. Tell people about your aims and draw on their support to give yourself a boost.

Make small changes now and set the pattern for a healthier lifestyle before and beyond your big day.



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