wedding giftFirstly, brides can be very bossy and annoying when it comes to their weddings.

They want everything to be perfect and this may frustrate you and make them hard to deal with. Be patient because what they really need from you at this time is your help.

A little cooperation would also be greatly appreciated, from the intended guests. This means they should R.S.V.P to make planning arrangements and budget outlines an easier task.

Only when they have this information can a suitable menu be drafted and if the numbers are less than anticipated a change in venue may be necessary which might save money in the long run.

When it comes to wedding gifts the bride should be given gifts that are essential that she may use. Try and choose something that is rare to avoid double gifts.

Leave the receipt in the box should a return be required. Brides usually spend a lot of money on the wedding and do not have enough for when the confetti has settled.

This is when bills start to come in and sometimes cash as a wedding gift is best. This gives her the choice to cover debts or to buy something she really needs as most of the time we are too shy to say what we really want. No matter how little the money is, it will be useful.

A bride needs to feel special on her wedding ceremony and this means no talking about business or topics that may lead to quarrels. This is the day when family members put their differences aside and let it be her day. The mood should be joyous and everyone should be at the peak of ecstasy.

A bride needs to be re-assured that she is doing the right thing. Her best friend may offer her this assurance as most brides encounter ‘cold feet’ before the wedding.

If the bride raises minor issues then let her go through with it but if she discusses deep issues that need solving before she gets married like feelings for another man then rather let her call off the wedding to save her future strife.

From the groom’s ex girlfriend, the bride needs her to stay away. He has chosen to be with her and why should he be reminded of the past? Former lovers tend to bring unnecessary drama so just give the bride her space.



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