bride weightSo you are getting married. Congratulations! Have you set a date yet? Things will need to move quickly then.

You need to find a place, pick out rings, find a caterer and a band, get and send out invitations, pick the dress and a thousand other little details.

Speaking of picking up a dress, let’s go now and try some on. Ooh! That one would be perfect for you! That is definitely the dress! What? It’s too tight? No problem there.

You have plenty of time to lose a few pounds so that it will fit perfectly for your day.

Other advantages of losing a few pounds are that your groom will love your new body and your activity level will go up in direct proportion to the amount of weight lost and the self esteem that is gained.

So, how do you lose the weight before your day without starving yourself? There are quite a few diets out there that will claim to do the trick. We will discuss just a few healthy diets here for you.

First you can try the banana diet. Simply have a banana for breakfast and dinner and eat a sensible lunch. If you get hungry between meals just eat a piece of grapefruit. As always, make sure that you get in at least thirty minutes of exercise each day.

Keep in mind too that the thirty minutes does not have to be all at once. If you walk for 10 minutes, climb stairs for 10 minutes and ride an exercise bike for 10 minutes throughout the day, you have exercised for thirty minutes.

If instead of your full meal being at lunch, you want it for dinner instead then try the grapefruit diet. Have a piece of grapefruit for breakfast and lunch and then eat your balanced dinner.

If you have times during the day when the hunger becomes unbearable, just have a calorie negative food such as broccoli, celery or cauliflower. These are negative calorie foods because the process of digestion uses more calories than the foods possess.

There are also diet drink mixes out there that do a good job. Hydroxycut makes a drink mix that you can replace two meals a day with. It doesn’t taste like any diet either. Just pour the packet in a bottle of water and drink it. It is a good way to stay hydrated and lose weight at the same time.



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