Everyone wants the honeymoon period to last forever and ever, but why is it that so few of us are actually so lucky? One friend of mine says that the minute she got married, it was like her boyfriend, now husband, felt like he did not have to impress her any more, because they were married now anyway, so there was no need to impress.

Another friend says that she wishes she had stayed unmarried, at least that way her boyfriend would pay attention to her! What went wrong for both these new brides? Why are they saying what they are?

Don’t worry, almost every new bride makes mistakes, and here are some of them, with tips on how to avoid making them. Perhaps this way, your honeymoon period will last for a little while longer!

  • One of the first mistakes every bride makes is that she has to try to be ‘perfect’. While this may sound ideal, it may be quite impossible to achieve. I have noticed that as soon as a girl gets married, she takes up things she has never tried before, like maybe trying to impress her neighbors, or keeping the house neat and tidy.She keeps trying, and never stops to realize that her entire perception of herself has changed completely. Her poor husband does not know who she is any more; where is the giggling girl he married? Where is the honeymoon period he has heard of? Has it disappeared? Avoid seeking so much of perfection, and trying to impress everyone around you; this will all come in time. Just enjoy these first few months of your marriage, they will never come back!
  • Another common mistake that every bride makes is treating her new husband like a child. This can be a complete desire quencher; after all, he could have stayed with his mother if he had wanted mothering! Resist your desire to change him; you can only change yourself. Accept him for what he is, with all his quirks and eccentricities, after all, that is why you fell in love with him in the first place, isn’t it?
  • Yet another extremely common mistake that all brides make is trying to treat her new husband as a sort of father figure. This means looking up to him for everything, and expecting him to take care of you as a father would! Stamp this out immediately; this can kill your honeymoon phase rather quickly!Instead, try to get it into your mind that all human beings are born equal, and no one person is superior to the other. All the best marriages work only if they are based on an equal partnership, where both partners are equal and share equal responsibility to make the marriage work.

Don’t worry if you feel that you have made these mistakes that every bride makes; you can still change things. Keep trying, and all the best.



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