When you think of a traditional honeymoon, your head may be filled with images of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. While this traditional picture has its charm, for those more adventurous souls, U.S. coast to coast holidays are a way of satisfying that urge to explore while enjoying a relaxing honeymoon, creating shared memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re more of the intrepid explorer than you are a beach bum, here are just some of the highlights that you will take in on a U.S. coast-to-coast holiday, by train.

New York

After the stressful few weeks that you have unquestionably had leading up to your wedding, visiting New York is an excellent way to start any honeymoon.

HoneymoonWhether you’re eager to see the world-famous sights, including the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the Chrysler Building, or you’re more inclined to saunter through Central Park and discover the delights of Greenwich Village, Chinatown and Little Italy, the ‘City That Never Sleeps’ has something for everyone.

When the sun has set, taking in a Broadway show is the perfect end to a relaxing couple of days in one of the world’s most exciting cities.

Washington DC

Taking the train after a couple of days in New York, your honeymoon continues to the nation’s capital. Washington is a fantastic city, endowed with many of the nation’s most important government buildings, including the White House, Capitol Hill and the Pentagon.

The real highlight of a trip to Washington, however, has to be the opportunity to visit the Smithsonian, the world’s largest art, science and history museum complex.

Heading into the Rockies

The beauty of US coast-to-coast holidays by rail is their diversity. After you’ve left Washington and passed through Chicago your honeymoon benefits from a distinct change of scenery and pace, as you head into the mountains.

Taking the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad through the Rocky Mountains is the only way to see the Rocky Mountain National Park. Deep ravines and spectacular peaks are the perfect backdrop against which to observe some of the Park’s animal life, including black bears, coyotes, eagles and hawks.

The Grand Canyon

It’s your honeymoon and you are understandably eager to share some life-changing experiences with your partner. The Grand Canyon can provide you with a breathtaking experience.

The Canyon has been carved by the Colorado River for over six million years and measures a barely comprehensible 277 miles in length, 18 miles wide and a mile in depth. A helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon is an experience that will leave you speechless, as you marvel at one of Mother Nature’s most incredible creations.  


Venice Bach in Los Angeles offers you the chance to soak up some last minute sun, while a trip to visit Mann’s Chinese Theatre, where you can immerse yourself in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, is a must for anyone who is intrigued by Tinseltown.

After a couple of days in Los Angeles, relaxing San Francisco is the perfect place to end any honeymoon. Take a trip to the island-prison of Alcatraz before contemplating the majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge from the stunning Golden Gate Park.

Before you head home, there’s just time to end your honeymoon with a candlelit meal in Fisherman’s Wharf, eating some of the world’s most delectable, freshly caught seafood with a glass of delicious white wine.



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