The wedding day is almost here and you managed to stay fit and follow the shape up diet. You are looking the way you are supposed to and the wedding dress is a perfect fit.

In this situation it is only logical you would need to relax and stop your stomach from fidgeting like crazy at the thought of the big moment when you will say yes.

All brides with no exception believe that this is the moment when they should focus on staying in one piece and also follow the advice of the well intentioned female crowd that swarms around her telling her to eat something or she will be sick.

Still no matter how hungry she is the future bride should know better and stay away from the 5 major food elements that can ruin her wedding day.

bride eating cakeFizzy drinks and wedding nerves are a terrible combination. On a normal day such a drink can cause the normal bloating but when your heart beat races to the sky and back that bloating can be disastrous. Not to mention that drinking fizzy drinks gets you even more dehydrated.

Starch is a bloating factor too and if you do not want unfortunate accidents to happen or to have to spend your wedding day inside the bathroom, stay away from bread, pasta, rice or porridge at least 2 days before the wedding.

Coffee and sugar are major energy bombs. Since you are overstressed like all the brides to be are, these two will get you even closer to the edge so better stay without them for a day.

Spicy food is also a big “no-no”. They stimulate perspiration and get you thirsty, causing also hyper acidity and cramps. So do not push your stomach even further than it is necessary and do not eat anything spicy no matter how tempted you are.

High fat dairy is the equivalent of diarrhea. Yes, it is terrible and it can become a disaster but if you feel the need to eat something and you choose dairy go for light yoghurt or very light curd cheese and stay away from cream.

To stay safe and also not get extremely hungry consider eating a light combination of “non aggressive” food for two or three days before the wedding.

Any green, yellow or red vegetable is a friend. You can accompany it with light meat grilled, fish or very light cheese. Yogurt is a good idea provided it is light and fresh. If you must eat carbs consider whole wheat bread. Drinking plenty of water is a good idea and so are the low sugar fruit.

Keep in mind you must look your best but also you must feel ok in order to be a perfectly beautiful bride.



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