There are many types of occasions and events for which we may need to send across a ‘save the date’ message, email or card to our near and dear ones. But do you exactly know how to send it, what to write in it and how it must look? Well, it is easy to go wrong with even something as simple as this.

But it is important not to make any mistakes and follow the set etiquettes or guidelines for the same. The following are some of the top ‘save the date’ etiquette tips and suggestions that you must follow.

save the date etiquette tips and suggestions

  • You must first figure out who all you need to send the card or message to. Sit down and figure out who all you want to invite so that you get as many printed.
  • For every such card, you must decide on a proper and appropriate theme. There are many different themes out there but avoid going for something which doesn’t match your personality or wedding type. For example, you can’t choose a rock and roll theme for a simple outdoor wedding.
  • It is important for the save the date card to have the full name and address of the recipient. You must always write the name along with ‘with family’ as a common etiquette.
  • The card must specify the occasion as well as its date, time, venue and other such details. A save the date card or message without these details is incomplete.
  • If you are sending a card to your friend or relative who is married, then the name of the spouse must also be always written with the name of your friend. It must be written in a certain order which includes ‘Mrs.’ first and then ‘Mr.’ and not the other way round.
  • A save the date card must always be followed up by a personal phone call, atleast to close friends and relatives.
  • While some save the date cards or messages have a casual tone and addressing, but one must try to keep it formal. The message must sound like an invite and must have a polite tone.
  • You must always leave your phone number or email address in the save the date card or message so that the recipient can have some details through which he/she can contact you back.


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