Outdoor weddings are in vogue these days because of many reasons. Keeping reasons aside, one cannot deny the fact that the organization of an outdoor wedding entails more than a regular, indoor wedding does, and, thus, a lot of things should be kept in mind.

For the purpose of this article, we have selected this topic since many people find it difficult to organize a perfect outdoor wedding, and we have come up with five tips that may help you in ensuring that everyone at your wedding is happy and satisfied.

Five rules for organizing an open space wedding

So, without further ado, here are five rules for organizing an open space wedding:

1. Permits and rules

When you decide to organize your wedding in an open space such as a park, then you will have to study the rules and regulations that govern that park. In order to hold your wedding there, you may require permits issued by the relevant authority.

Getting information about the rules and regulations is the first thing you must do. It will save you from hiccups which may arise out of a number of possible events such as the officials from the municipal department may ask you stop the wedding right there and then.

2. Comfort to guests

Making guests comfortable should be your first priority, and in order to ensure that your guests are satisfied with the arrangements, you should do a couple of things.

Get to your site fans, well-lit paths, outdoor heating facilities, refreshments, candles, sufficient seating arrangement, and whatnot.

You will end up making a number of lists as part of the wedding preparations, and we advise you to make one list about on-site arrangements for guests.

If your guests are not happy, you won’t be getting enough blessings to start a new beginning of life.

3. Weather can be treacherous

Nothing can be as unpredictable and ruthless as the weather—it would not care about anything and ruin all your preparations. But, we urge you to challenge the weather head-on by taking certain pre-emptive measures.

Get weather-appropriate accessories such as scarves, gloves, and umbrellas for the party. Arrange for sheds to be established near the wedding place to handle any sudden change of weather.

4. Photography

You must secure a team of capable photographers to record the ceremony as closely and beautifully as possible. While the photographers will do whatever their job requires, you should be in regular contact with them.

In one of the areas where you should ensure the photographers are especially attentive is the position of the sun. Enquire about the position of the sun during the time of the day when the ceremony will be happening so that you can accordingly manage the seating arrangements.

5. Hire a wedding expert

Many people consider an outdoor wedding a piece of cake—well, hate to break it, but an outdoor wedding is one of the trickiest events to organize. There are many risks involved, and therefore, we recommend you consider hiring an expert to ensure nothing wrong happens to your greatest day of life.


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