wedding speechesOnce the wedding ceremony is over it will be time for the speeches.

These are typically made by the groom, best man and the father of the bride.

In some countries, it has become popular for the bride also to say a few words.

Often a groom can be more nervous about his speech than any other part of the marriage service. Therefore, it is usually better to get the speeches over with before everyone sits down to eat.

The key is good preparation and in remembering that nobody expects to hear a long professional speech. Find out what is expected of you in terms of thanking people and offering a toast.

Have a few notes written down, to hand, it will not only be reassuring but also avoid the possibility of your mind going completely blank.

A best man’s speech is often parodied around revealing embarrassing incidents and causing red faces to all parties. Realistically this should be avoided, it is better to be sincere and speak from the heart rather than causing an argument or upsetting someone.

Too much Dutch courage may calm nerves but it could also risk becoming tiresome and making a fool of one’s self.

The formal order in which the speeches are made, usually start with the father of the bride, followed by the groom and finally the best man.

It is important to note that the wedding should be remembered for all the right reasons and not for an ill judged speech by an insensitive best man.



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