Why should you be thinking about having personalized wedding napkins? Because they add a personal touch to your wedding, so that the guests will always remember. They also help you implement the theme of the wedding and to set the mood.

Something new in the shape of personalized wedding napkins

You don’t have to be using paper tissue or cloth napkins because you could also have personalized ones. These can be customized to fit just any event. According to this, you could add the monogram of the couple, their names, the date or a quote to the napkins, making the wedding classier.

Personalized Wedding NapkinsIt isn’t a matter of money

While a lot of people might think that it is expensive to have napkins that are personalized, but there are many ways to create them and to make some economy. All you need to do is to print your message on them. Also you could be thinking about shapes and forms, such as hearts on the napkins.

Multipurpose items

In the majority of the cases, these napkins that are personalized are made of 3-ply paper and while they are highly functional, they can also be taken home by the guests as a souvenir or favor. Another advantage that they have is that they are ornamental, not to mention that there are several shapes and sizes that they come in.

The occasion

Weddings have several parts during which these napkins that are personalized can be used. There are the smaller ones used for serving drinks and appetizers. There are also the napkins that are used during dinner. If this is the part of the wedding that you are preparing for, keep in mind that it is better to add little customization to the personalized wedding napkins because they are going to be disposed of right after being used.

Make a decoration

You might know that there are many shapes and forms that the napkins that are personalized can take. Consider folding them into different forms, but you could also simply roll them up and add a ribbon to them or a napkin ring.

The guidelines

There are several aspects that you have to keep in mind when it comes to personalized wedding napkins. These aspects include choosing the style and the color of the napkin. Then you have to add the new content to the napkins. Decide whether you would like the text or the photo to be horizontal or vertical.

Once you are done with the design for the napkins that are personalized you should have one more look at it to make sure that you are happy with the end result. In case it isn’t really what you had in mind, you can make changes until you are happy with what you got.

When you are thinking about why you should have personalized wedding napkins, there is another thing to consider: why not? This is an option that you should really take into consideration for the reception.



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