Your wedding day will sure be a magical one for you and your soul mate. The only thing that may be a problem is that all the positive feelings that you will experience this day from you loved ones can overwhelm you.

Although it’s not easy at all to express your feeling in writing, the thank-you notes you will give after your wedding are a great opportunity to let people know how much you appreciate the fact that they participated at this special event in your life.

Remember that this is also your chance to express your gratitude for the gifts you received. Therefore, adding your personal touch to the thank-you notes will show the people you love that you really care.

Wedding Thank You Notes

At Twisted Limb Paperworks, you have a lot of designs from which you can choose wedding invitations and thank-you notes.

Forward, you will find some tips about how to make the process of writing thank-you notes more enjoyable.

Buy the same number of invitations and thank-you notes. This is important, because most people that cannot attend your event will send you a gift and you may not be prepared to thank them properly.

Also, it is possible that the ones who attended your baby shower will give you two gifts or more, so you will need at least to double the notes.

A nice thing is to have different notes for the two events, the wedding and the shower.

Don’t forget about the environment. Use only notes made from 100% PCW recycled paper, to help the environment. A better choice is chlorine-free paper.

The thank-you notes writing station is a good idea. In order to do that, you have to put all the gifts you receive in this specific area and don’t move them until you finish with writing the notes.

This method is easier because you will have everything you need, like pens, cards, stamps, in one place.

Make it a special event. Create a cozy atmosphere by listening to your favorite music, drinking your favorite tea or wine and using handcrafted cards and pens.

Use the invitation list. You can use the invitation list in order to write all the gifts that arrived and the address, so it will be easier for you when you will send the thank-you notes.

Some notes need special attention. The thank-you notes that are meant for your family and closest friends must be written first, when you have energy. Write a special message for each of them.

Write simple but meaningful messages. To avoid running out of room, think about a one sentence message and then elaborate it a little bit.

Share your joy. Divide the list of notes with your partner because you’re both responsible for thanking people. Write notes for your family and friends and then divide the list of other people.

Finish them as soon as possible. After your wedding and honeymoon, it may be hard to start writing a big pile of notes. This is another reason for involving your partner.

Buy supplies before the event. This will make your job easier, because you will have all the notes, stamps and pencils and you will only have to write the messages.



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