The wedding day is primarily portrayed as the bride’s day, but one needs to remember that it is an equally important day in the groom’s life. The bride may be planning the whole affair but the groom is an equally important part of it.

Wedding Plans for the Groom

Here is a short overview as to how he can contribute his bit and also prepare for the D’ Day.

Make the day yours by adding your special touches to it. Of course the bride needs to approve. In all probability you (the Groom) are in charge of the photographs.

No doubt the photographer is being paid a bomb to create memories of your special day, but you can make the pictures special too with a little creativity.

Along with the formal pictures of your wedding, you can try out a few different poses. Think of funky themes that would make the wedding memories immortal.

Stuff like posing with the bride unusually, may be something like “Bonnie and Clyde” style or some group picture that stands out would sure add a personal note to your wedding.

The next thing you can take care of is the rings. Do keep in mind that rings worn by men tend to wear out faster than the ones worn by women. So when selecting rings, look for pairs where the groom’s ring is considerably thicker than that of the bride’s or you can also have them made on order.

Instead of regular gold bands you could choose from titanium (lasts much longer) or white gold bands that look more elegant. You can also think about having the wedding date engraved on the ring (so that you are never caught on the wrong foot).

Try to unwind and relax on the day before your wedding. Attend the rehearsals and clarify any doubts that you may have regarding the actual wedding ceremony. Prepare your wedding speech and practice it along with your best man.

Yes, you have the right to be nervous but remember to be on time for your wedding. Be there waiting for the bride. On no account should the bride wait for you.



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