We all are aware of the typical honeymoon destinations – sandy beaches, glorious blue skys and plenty of sea. What about more offbeat honeymoon destinations where backpacks and other luggage used for traveling are slightly more important. If you decide to spend your honeymoon traveling around Europe, for example, you must give serious consideration to your luggage and what you take. This leads to a great first idea for your honeymoon. Traveling around Europe is not just for people on a gap year from university but our advice is plan your route really carefully. There is some good advice on this holiday, so make sure you have a good look around before committing – it is your honeymoon after all.

Honeymoon DestinationsAnother great honeymoon destination is Orlando. Not many people consider roller coaster riding as a honeymoon activity but you can have a great time as a couple in the sunshine state having an exhilarating time.

Make sure your cabin bags are packed with the necessary things and have plenty of activities ready as the flight can be quite long! Orlando has loads to offer for a honeymooning couple besides the theme parks. Great dining, brilliant excursions around the state and sun all year round make this a surprisingly good destination for your honeymoon.

A place rarely considered for a honeymoon is Scotland. Of course you will have to be prepared for the swings in weather conditions but the fantastic history and romantic lodges makes Scotland a great place to honeymoon. Spending a rainy summer day lounging about together is extremely romantic and there are tons of great places to eat and visit, meaning you will have a great time in your first trip as husband and wife.

Your honeymoon is one of the most important trips that you will ever take. Make sure that yours is memorable and it is a topic of conversation between you for a long time to come. Take a risk, there will always be beaches to visit in years to come – have a trip that will test your boundaries and lets you explore new places. Wherever you decide, have a great honeymoon and a happy life together. So pack your cabin bags and explore these offbeat destinations now!



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