As part of one’s wedding plans, a honeymoon destination must be selected. Couples literally have the world at their fingertips when making this selection. The Italian city of Venice is an appealing location for a honeymoon.

The city is quite charming with gondoliers, canals and elegant piazzas.The city is a pleasing blend of old and new. The best weather can be found in Venice from April to June and also during September and October.

casino on your honeymoon

The City of Venice provides a lot of activities for honeymooners. In the evenings, Venice does offers two casinos which are a great way to spend the evening out. The Casino Venice has two branches located in various parts of the city.

One of these is the main venue which is found at Ca’ Vendramin Calergi. Located in an old palace, the casino is quite charming and its surroundings reflect its long history. Visitors can expect to find classic casino games at this casino.

For instance, roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat are some options. Slot machines and other electronic games can also be found. When visiting this casino in the evening, men are expected to wear a jacket if attending after 3:30 pm.

The second casino option in Venice is the other branch of the Casino Venice. This is known as the Ca’ Noghera. It is actually located near the Marco Polo airport which serves the city of Venice. This casino is known as the first casino in Italy to be built in the American style. The overall casino floor measures 5500 square metres.

Slot machines here number well over 600 providing honeymooners many different choices. Unlike the Ca’ Vendramin Calergi, this casino has a more relaxed dress code in the evenings. Men are not required to wear a suit jacket. So, if the newlyweds are looking for a more casual setting this casino would be a good choice.

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