If one is in line for making the Wedding Toast or otherwise deliver a speech at the wedding, then you want to do as good a job as possible; to try and make it memorable, but for the right and not the wrong reasons! So here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you make the speech –

wedding speech

Do – make it interesting – Obviously you don’t want to send the wedding reception guests to sleep, so remember to try and get their attention from the start with something catchy and/or witty. Adding some humor is always a good idea, but be sure not to make it too ribald, it is a family gathering after all! Some funny quotes or some honeymoon humor should do the trick, or you could tell a funny personal anecdote involving the marriage couple; but again not something too colorful.

Do – make it relevant – Don’t go off on a tangent, and wax eloquent about the philosophical joys of marriage or go into a historical account of the couple. Rather speak of things that are relevant to the couple and the occasion as well as the listeners gathered there.

Do – make it short – You want to make the sort of speech that has people wondering why it got over, rather than have them twitching in their seats wondering when it will get over. So make it short and sweet.

Do – Be excited – This is a very important day for the couple so if you would rather not do this; gently say so. Don’t just go through the motions, make the effort and do a good job; also really want to do a good job.

Do – Be Prepared – You may have a way with words, but it could be that you find nothing to say when suddenly faced with a room full of people. So be sure to prepare for the speech and if not a printed pre-prepared speech, at least have an idea of what you will say.

Don’t – talk about past conquests – So the groom was a lothario in his past, but his wedding is not the time to speak of it. Embarrassing anecdotes and off color jokes have no place here.

Don’t – forget – Do mention all the important members of the gathering, and also remember to say a thank you for the opportunity to do something special for a special couple on their special day.



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