honeymoon decisions Some couples look forward to the honeymoon more than their actual wedding day.

Often this will be a once in a lifetime holiday and could turn out to be a rare opportunity to spend precious time alone together.

It is important that both parties are involved in the decision making and that the holiday destination is what they both want. Choosing a honeymoon should not involve compromise, that all comes much later down the line.

There are companies that specialise in honeymoon packages and often provide those little touches that can really make a difference. Being greeted in your luxury Suite by champagne and flowers is not to be scoffed at.

Increasingly couples are choosing destinations like Bali, Kenya and the Maldives with perennial favourites Hawaii, Thailand and Barbados still in high demand.

If your budget is tight you still should be able to get plenty of luxuries included but you might just have to look around for the best deals.

Ensure that your chosen country is not too hot or too busy at the time of year you will be visiting. Try to avoid any unwanted surprises and don’t leave things to chance.

If you and your partner want totally different things from the honeymoon, then why not plan a week for each. It is not unusual for one person to want a beach hideaway and the other to prefer more lively activities.

A good travel agent can help you in finding the perfect location in which to celebrate your marriage.



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