Undoubtedly wedding is the most memorable moment of your life. Of course, to include your furry friend in this occasion require some preparation. Your pet might feel out of place, baffled and perplexed amidst the crowd if he is not used to such occasions; thus you being the owner need to take some advanced steps in order to involve your beloved pet in your D day event.

Hence to train your pet to participate in your wedding, these steps can be beneficial for you.

making pets a part of your wedding


Take him to public zones and check out his comfort level first. If your pet can not adapt novel environment and feel uncomfortable then it is better to keep him back in your home where he will be safe. But if your pet can cope with extra attentions then it will be an easy task for you to include your friend in your wedding.

Decide a Space for him

You have to make a decision in which part of your wedding ceremony you want inclusion of your pet. Try to avoid inclusion of your furry friend in reception if you have broad gust list as well as loud music. Hence your wedding ceremony will be the perfect day for your pet to participate.

Check Pet Policies of the Venue

Before selecting the venue do not forget to ask about the pet policies of that place as some venues formulate strict pet strategies.

Pet Allergies amongst Guests

Guests invited in your wedding can have pet allergies. Therefore it is preferable to let them be aware about your plan which will lend a hand for preparation from pet allergies.

His role

Chalk out the job responsibility of your cutie friend on that particular occasion. You can endow him/her as the ring bearer or pursue of honor and train accordingly.

Who will take care of him

Throughout the ceremony remember to designate a handler for your sweetheart pet. This will mitigate your anxiety whether your pet is behaving properly or not.

Groom the Pet

To groom your darling you can visit to the grooming parlor which will proffer good look and smell to your dearest one for that special occasion of your life.

Always ensure that your pet should behave in a controlled way around the extensive list of guests. If he/she has propensity of jumping, tutor him/her for any alternative manners like greeting your guests or giving his/her paw to them.

Involve him in Photo Sessions

Involving in your wedding pictures can be another step to include your pet in your wedding. You can cherish through these couple pictures about the unforgettable flash of your life.

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