There are many reasons why so many people choose to have a civil wedding at the city hall or registrar’s office. The couple may not be religious, or the bride and the groom could belong to different religious denominations. It could also be that one or both have been married previously.

Civil Wedding Ceremony

Many couples who think of marriage as a commitment between two people that involves no one else may just want a simple, quiet affair; in which case also the civil ceremony can be the best option. There is also the fact that civil ceremonies can be arranged quicker.

Then there is the very practical fact that a civil ceremony can be a very economical option. Couples who don’t want to splash out on a lavish party but would rather take the money and invest in their future could take this sensible decision.

So if you do plan a civil ceremony for any of the above reasons, you may still want that day to be special in your own unique way. Here’s what you can do to make a civil ceremony special and memorable.

Dress the part

Just because it is a civil ceremony doesn’t mean you cannot have the wedding dress you always dreamed of. The smart morning suit and carnation and the white gown and wedding bouquet can be at home in City Hall too!


Have a photographer remain present to record the event. This will help you create some timeless memories of your special day.

Invite those who are important to you

Even in a civil ceremony, you can ask important family members and dear friends to remain present. Their presence will make the occasion that much more special and meaningful.


While it may not be possible to have a theme as elaborate as a traditional wedding, a theme could be possible for a civil ceremony as well. Or simple additions such as chair covers, flowers and perhaps a string quartet (live classical music that would be a perfectly classy touch to the proceedings) could make all the difference; transforming the mundane into the memorable!


And just because you had a civil marriage ceremony doesn’t mean that you cannot have a reception later. You can splurge or a proper reception with a band, buffet and all the trimmings. Or you can simply have a party with close friends to celebrate your union. You can even go clubbing and dance the night away!



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