healthy foodMarriage is about leaving and cleaving, so why not begin your new life with a new body? Temptations will arise from shortcuts such as pills, fad diets and even powders.

Ignore them! They are only short term if they even work at all. Rather get into a good workout routine that you can stick to your whole life. Such a lifesaving routine will be a strict balance between diet and exercise.

The food you eat will hinder your development if it is not conducive to losing weight.

Your workout diet must comprise of basically the 3 energy boosters which happen to be protein, complex carbohydrates and water. You will require a lot of energy during the wedding planning right up to the actual wedding.

Complex Carbohydrates are sluggish during digestion and will give you energy without a large amount of fat. Implement foods such as bread, cereal, whole grain pasta and more into your diet. Most of these foods may be found in the food sections allocated to organic foods in your store.

Protein will supply and maintain your energy the whole day. It is also believed that proteins will keep you from getting hungry. Include foods such as turkey, chicken, peanut butter, light and cottage cheese.

Experiment with a variety of recipes that involve all or some of these foods. You can tell if you didn’t have enough protein if you feel hungry or fatigue a couple hours after the meal.

Water has been preached to us since forever and for good reason. It is a great and natural way to keep you hydrated, flush out unwanted toxins and to keep you in top shape. The general amount to drink per day is two liters or eight glasses a day. Water will help to keep perspiration odors subtle.

Rather than drinking fizzy drinks, opt for a glass of water. I know you are thinking water is boring but you can spruce it up with a slice of lemon or even flavored water.

Try and discipline yourself against snacking and stick to your allocated meal times. Always have fruits or energy bars lying around to avoid chomping down on junk food.

General walking, running and cycling will be great for people who can’t go to the gym. These activities will increase your general well being but if you want to target specific parts, then you will need to consult a professional trainer.

Yoga and aerobics are also a fun way of getting into shape. Don’t be disheartened by gradual weight loss, just stick it through.



  1. Very nice tips!I was looking for something like this!Your tips can help a lot to maintain a good shape.Marriage is a very special day of everyone’s life.I very much enjoyed and appreciated these tips.Thanks a lot.


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