A last minute check list is very important and makes an integral component of the wedding preparations and planning. The whole planning process, number of duties that one has to fulfil and the huge number of things one has to take care of is immensely overwhelming.

In such a situation having a checklist to keep a track of all the preparations comes as a boon. The list given below consists of all the components that must be there to make such a checklist. So have a look and make sure you use it for your own wedding preparations.

last minute wedding checklist

  • The last call to the vendors before the big day to make sure that the order you have placed is in process and is being followed to the T. It is important to make this check before the big day so that there are no troubles on the day and also so that you have enough time to make any tweaks if needed to the order.
  • The photographer- meet with the photographer or have a talk and make sure all the details are in tight conformity with the concept and the theme. After all it is the wedding photos that are going to keep the memory of the day alive (besides your personal experience that is). Also make sure that the wedding photographer has all that he/ she needs for the day so that nothing is missed out on.
  • The wedding dress has to be just perfect to make sure to put the dress run/ trial on the list. If you have already done the trial and everything is perfect, then all is Also remember to keep the accessories, makeup, hair and the bouquet handy and ready.
  • Make sure the dress and other preparations of the bridesmaids, maid of honour and all other VIPs is done right and that all is set for the day.
  • Check to make sure that all the arrangements for the guests i.e. the sitting arrangements etc. are all as you planned.
  • Next you need to go through the wedding vows and make sure you have done a complete job.
  • Then comes the honeymoon preparations, make sure that you have packed all that you may need and that all other arrangements are done properly.

Once all these checks are done you can be sure of all the preparations being in place and just proceed for the nuptials free of worries.


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