As most of us have experienced, children are the life and soul of a wedding ceremony and it is seldom the same without them as they are both an essential part of the life cycle.

Getting children involved in a wedding can completely change it.

If they are actively taking part, they’ll look adorably cute and enhance the whole look of your special day. Here are a few ways to include them in your wedding ceremony:

Flower girls: Besides adding an essential element to your wedding, a flower girl has a role which is much coveted by any young girl as she walks up the aisle carrying a basket of petals, which she scatters along your walkway.

Ring bearer: The role of the ring bearer traditionally falls to a cute young boy, who walks through the aisle before the flower girl holding the bridal couple’s wedding rings tied to a beautiful pillow.

Junior groomsmen or bridesmaids: The perfect role for young boys, the junior bridesmaid or groomsman walks up the aisle along with you and your partner.

Apart from these roles, you can also employ children to hold up the bridal dress train. However, ensure that you give the children special training to avoid the most special day of life turning into disaster.



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