Interfaith marriage, also known as “mixed marriage” is a tradition in which two people of opposite religions marry each other. In such a wedding, each of the partners adheres to the traditions and values of both the families. While planning an interfaith wedding ceremony, there are some important tips that should be kept in mind and below given is the list of the important ones:

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  • The most important tip is to combine two separate traditions and religions without upsetting either of the families. Make sure that you take a long courtship or an engagement period before proceeding to the final day, so that you understand and identify the reconciling issues that may arise. Closely discuss the religious practices and be open about your expectations in the future.
  • Gather enough information about each other religion even if you do not intend to practice it. This will help in planning a pleasant and enjoying interfaith wedding ceremony, without any kind of hassles and disappointments in the families.
  • Always be patient towards your parents and do not act defensive. If they are trying to figure out the do’s and don’ts of your interfaith wedding, give them their own time. Try and understand that they must be having their own level of expectations that needs to be fulfilled.
  • Another important tip while planning an interfaith wedding ceremony is to find a right officiant. An officiant will make both of you feel comfortable and interactive regarding the ceremony matters and planning. An officiant will act as a middleman to initiate and communicate with both the families and therefore plan a happy union.
  • While planning an interfaith wedding ceremony, the most important tip that should be followed is to listen to both the faiths and families. This implies that rituals, cultures, traditions and values of both the religions should be considered equally. The views and expectations of both the families should be heard while planning a wedding.
  • Personalization and customization of your wedding ceremony should be done once the discussions are clear and open. With the help of an officiant, sit and talk about how to plan the traditions, what all functions are to be covered and then design a ceremony that mutually works well for both of you. This might be a little tough task but it will help in solidifying the relations and the wedding day plans.


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