Indian weddings are perhaps the most vibrant weddings of all time. There is everything you can and cannot expect in a wedding—dance, songs, fun, cries, food,and whatnot. However, there is a reason why Indian weddings are often known for their fat budget—after all, there are so many things to be taken care of in such weddings.

If you are an Indian couple and about to get married, then we want you to spare a few minutes and read what this article has to offer. We have curated five tips which will help you achieve a dreamy wedding without stumbling upon all those annoying concomitants of Indian wedding preparations.

5 Tips for Indian couples to Have a Dream Wedding

So, if you are on board, let us begin with 5 tips that will surely help Indian couples to have their dreamy wedding:

1. Wedding budget

Oh, we know, you would do anything to marry the love of your life, but you cannot go frenzy with budgetary considerations. You need to sit back and brainstorm as much as you can to determine how much expenditure is viable.

You need to take into account every minute expenditure you might incur such as that on haldi, and add them up to your budget evaluation. We strongly recommend you to set aside a significant chunk for contingency purposes.

2. The Wedding date

You cannot settle for any wedding lawn or club for your wedding. Moreover, you know very well how much Indian weddings stick to astrology—and you, in all likelihood, are following all that rahuketu mantra—so you know your wedding is going to coincide with thousands of weddings. Thus, decide on the date well ahead.

While deciding on a date, make sure you take into account the season. Do not plan a wedding during a season when theweather is most unforgiving!

3. A checklist

An Indian wedding is a concoction of everything, and hence, a checklist. You need to start building your checklist from the date you are engaged to be married. Go through the checklist daily and consult your to-be-spouse, family, friends, event managers and every other person involved in the wedding.

You should look up the Internet and read articles on what you must and must not have on your wedding checklist. Just be prepared for anything that may happen in your wedding—even an alien invasion!

4. Book tentwalas,dholwalas,

When you have three to four months left before your wedding, it is time you booked pundits, dholwalas, florists, caterers,and others. Do not dilly-dally and make reservations promptly because, otherwise, you will face a hard time finding reasonable deals.

Oh, yes, one thing, you should have had your research done before booking all these people for your service. If you research during this stage, then you are doomed!

5. The Wedding Invitation

We may be the WhatsApp generation, but, hey, show some courtesy and get real wedding invitations for your guests. Moreover, you should have the cards dispatched at least a month prior to thewedding.


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