Arranging a wedding is quite a task, especially if it is you who is getting married. There are too many things you have to decide upon, right from the venue to the ring to the music and what not! The whole thing can be pretty stress inducing and then, you also need to select a good wedding vendor for the occasion.

And this can be difficult since you have to keep several factors in mind before finalizing one. But if you choose wisely, your wedding will be an occasion to remember in the true sense of the term.

how to select your wedding vendorTips for Selecting a Wedding Vendor

This probably makes you nervous since you do not know what exactly you need to check out before selecting. Here are a few tips to make your selection relatively easy:


This is the first and foremost thing before you set out to choose. Now, all you have to do is look for people who are ready to give you good service in your stipulated budget.

Advices and First Impressions

Be very careful about references! They have both pros and cons – some references from friends and relatives can be beneficial while rest can turn your event to be a disaster. Use your own wisdom and choose the vendor after doing enough of back checking and homework. Remember, first impression of a vendor can be really important when you make a choice. Try to find out about their recent clients and verify – this could be the best way to get a neutral feedback. They can actually give you an idea as to what exactly you can expect.

Familiarity with the Venue

At times this can work very well. If  the vendor you are trying to get for your wedding has experiences of working in your chosen venue, then that is definitely a plus since this will imply that they are also familiar with the negative points of the place. And therefore plan accordingly.

A Team Player

You do not want an autocrat to run the show, so choose a vendor who would listen, suggest and work taking all aspects in mind. It is imperative that you have a comfortable relation with your vendor and who can help reflect your personalities in the wedding.

Written Agreement

Make sure you have everything in writing once you are done with the selection. Write down the minutest of details, if possible. This will help you reduce the stress related to the organizing of the event.

These tips, if implemented properly, will help you plan a perfect wedding and a perfect vendor.


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