It is impossible to fully enjoy your wedding if you are shy. Think of the dozen things that people do on their weddings that make this day a day that really can’t be done if you are shy.

If you are shy, know you are depriving yourself the chance to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.

Now what you need to do is gain that confidence, no need to be shy, you must take a step further and overcome shyness. Come on, it’s the most important day of your life and you are shy! Be real!

Have in mind that there are so many things you are depriving yourself if you are shy on your wedding day.

You cannot even say your own wedding vows which could have been beautiful and meant a lot to your partner, as the whole congregation would know what is sitting in your heart. Overcoming shyness is not as hard as you might think, it’s simple and worth it.

Walk tall with your head up high as you walk down the aisle having in mind that you will never ever get another shot at this day again.

Imagine yourself alone in the room with only music in your ears while you block every other sound that would probably let your guard down. It has worked for me and would work for you as well.

When reciting vows it’s just you and your partner. There is no one else in the room. Make the best of your vows especially if they are your own personal vows and get the chance to say them as you would have behind closed doors. Only this time you have everyone gathered to hear you say it like you mean it.

Imagining everyone in the room dressed in hilarious attires can get the best of you. You can enjoy your wedding better but do not make the mistake of doing this when reciting your vows.

You can apply this when you are going up and down the aisle and your attempt not to laugh can be interpreted as your expression of joy.

Then there is the ‘kiss the bride’ moment. You would not want to miss it all because you are shy. You can apply the same concept when the moment arrives and you would have successfully got through your day.

I am sure you can pull through the rest of your day and be proud of yourself! Do me a favor and pet yourself when you have successfully got through this day, it is an achievement!



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