wedding jittersAre you going to tie knot with your loved one? Anxiety is one thing that can ruin your entire wedding preparation and glow off from your face.

However, it is quite obvious to experience cold feet and jitters anytime from a month to day before your wedding date.

So, to get that glow of new wedding couple it is very essential for you to overcome pre-wedding jitter. Here are few ideas to help you.

  • Look for quite place and spend sometime alone whenever you are feeling nervous about your wedding. Don’t suppress your feelings rather let them come out of you to overcome anxiety.
  • Reflect your feelings of anxiety on your favorite things, what you can enjoy most and think about your happy life with your loved one in future.
  • Observe or look for couples who’ve already survived from wedding jitters and seek suggestions from them. They can be quite helpful for you and also good source of support for you to overcome pre wedding jitters.
  • Listen to some pleasant music and relax yourself for few minutes when you’re extremely feeling nervous about your wedding.
  • Talk with your partner and set time to spend with your partner like a dinner in the evening or shop together for your wedding. This can help you to some extent to overcome wedding anxiety.


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