What can be worse than having the people you rely on for encouragement and assistance with wedding preparations turn against each other?

They practically loose their focus on their primary purpose, leaving you helpless as well.

There is no need to feel helpless but there is need to solve the conflicts and have them working together and making the wedding preparations smooth sailing.

Be in charge and do not give anyone the responsibility of being in charge over the rest unless you want cat fights which as we all know have very undesirable results.

Make sure they do know that you are in charge and they are all equal, this way none of them can claim to have the next highest authority to you which may cause conflict. Work with all of them and do treat them equally as well, besides working together promotes efficiency.

Everyone is entitled to her opinion and all opinions need to be heard, evaluated accepted or refused politely with an explanation. Opinions are often raised when choosing the dresses, the colors and the hair dos for the big day.

Having to agree with everyone, limits the arguments that can arise from this scenario. If any conflict argument is arising, take charge and do not name or blame anyone, simply give a final decision and move on to the next issue. You will never have time to tolerate squabbles, time is precious and expensive you cannot afford to waste any time.

Solving the conflicts may involve making a decision that they know will not work and they themselves can see how unreasonable they are being.

A uniform decision makes everyone happy in the long run and can help in reducing the conflicts. Whatever your choice is, never leave your bridesmaids feelings useless and their opinions not appreciated.

Constant communication with your bridesmaids increases your chances of reducing the conflicts that may arise. You should be able to form a bond with each one, such that when you explain to them they understand and not turn on each other.

In all the events stay calm and do not allow emotions to run as this may result in a worse situation.

Basically be the understanding bride and you will surely handle the conflicts well and you will all enjoy the wedding in good relationships with each other.

So get up and stop feeling sorry for yourself and have a talk with your bridesmaids.



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