While in some cultures a wedding is a serious affair, and a time to bring out long lost traditions to the fore, some other weddings are fun filled, where guests gather to talk, laugh, eat, drink and make merry.

Remember, all your guests must go back home with fond memories, and you can help to bring this about. Here are some tips for you to entertain your wedding guests:

  • You can of course set up a dance floor, but remember, not all your guests would like to dance away the whole night at your wedding reception. You could think of providing a quiet space for those guests who would like to catch up on family gossip and events, with lots of good food and drink close at hand. Anyone who wants to use the space can be allowed to do so, away from the loud music and dancing.
  • You could think of creating a billiards room, or a snooker table. You could encourage your guests to pay at poker, or at chess, or other such activities. This will keep them entertained for hours, while your other guests can have their own fun dancing and generally making merry.
  • If you have enthusiastic guests, you could think of engaging a dance instructor for them. This person could give dance classes on some exotic dance form to those present. This can generate a lot of fun and laughter, and guests will go back with happy memories of the day they learned to dance at your wedding!
  • At the sit down dinner for your guests, you could place the cards with a few words written about each guest. This could be touching, especially for older relatives, and a warm glow of love and belonging would be generated all around.
  • If children are going to be present at your wedding, you could engage a few individuals to take care of them, and entertain them with songs and dances and games. This would leave your guests free to enjoy the wedding and take part actively.
  • Adults too enjoy playing games. Think of some games, or look it up on the Internet. More important, give away prizes for the winners. Adults too love to open their prizes, you know! Try a variety of games, for different age groups.

Your wedding must be a day to remember, and your guests must be able to go away saying, “Wow! Now that is what I would call a Wedding!”

Plan much earlier, so that there are no last minute hassles. Try your best, and be as creative as possible.



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